Mels Speed Method

Mels Speed Method

How to get your Mac running like new in just 2 clicks

What’s the biggest advantage of owning a Mac?

The fact that the Mac OS is perfect so you’ll never have a computer that slows down or has issues. Unfortunately, the above is an urban tech myth and just like PC’s your Mac can become cluttered with rubbish which affects its performance.

And if you’ve owned a Mac for a while you’ve probably noticed a decrease in its speed and performance. Truth is, every time you use an application on your Mac there are things left behind.

I’m talking about stuff like leftover files, settings and folders from previously uninstalled or moved applications. Language files used by applications, cache files, downloads, unused history files plus your Mac’s log and report files.

Over time this stuff will accumulate and drastically slow down performance.

But now there’s a simple two step solution which will find this rubbish and clean it from your Macintosh, making it run faster and better. 

It’s called “Detox my Mac” and it’s an application for cleaning, speeding up and optimizing your Mac in just two clicks. All you do is install this software onto your Mac and perform a scan.

In seconds it will track down these leftover files and then you get to choose which ones you want to clear and in less than a minute Detox my Mac blasts through all the trash, junk and useless files left behind, leaving your Mac fresh, clean and performing faster.

And this is without changing a single application or setting.

It’s almost as if you’ve had a full system upgrade…

And that’s because Detox my Mac improves speed, application responsiveness and also frees up plenty of your precious disc space. It’s also unbelievably easy to use, even my computer illiterate grandmother managed to install and use it.

Bottom line, if you have a Mac and you want to keep it running like new, then you need to get this application.

I mean, you wouldn’t let your home or office clutter up with useless files so why do you do it to your Mac?

One more thing before I go, I know a lot of you are frustrated with your Mac’s performance and you’re probably thinking that you need a new, faster computer with more disc space. But the truth is that you really don’t, all you need to do is clean the rubbish from your Mac and you’ll have it running like new in less than a minute.

In fact, you’ll be amazed at how much rubbish is on your system (Especially if you’ve never scanned it before)

The first time I ran this software, I couldn’t believe how much rubbish was on my system, and how much space I’d recovered after it was gone.

And if you have a Mac that isn’t running the way it should download Detox my Mac here.

Remember, Apple computers are not cheap and that’s why it’s important to maintain yours and keep it running smooth, clean and clutter free.

Download Detox my Mac here.

Mels Speed Method

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